What do you see when you look through a kaleidoscope?


You see a unique image broken through crystals in magnificent colors and shapes that could hardly be more differentiated.


The view is quite daring, because no one can predict what individual impression the viewer will get. It is precisely this individuality that distinguishes the film “Wiesbaden – Kaleidoscope of a City”.


The approximately 90-minute documentary illuminates the special flair of the Hessian state capital from unique and different perspectives. The kaleidoscopic view of life in the city between the Taunus and the Rhine provides illuminating insights into the diversity of Wiesbaden and its people - insights that allow every viewer to develop their own personal image of Wiesbaden.


Around 80 protagonists - locals and foreigners, city residents and prominent personalities - have their say in the film. Their voices, coupled with the moving images from unusual perspectives, make you want more: to discover a city for yourself whose special charm lies in its diversity.and beauty.