Selkirk Pictures & Enterprises Ltd. is an international, Germany-based television production company and media consultancy. Selkirk Pictures specialises in producing high quality television documentaries, corporate communications and television commercials.


The company produces relevant topical feature and TV documentaries with universal resonance, that cross cultural boundaries and engage world-wide markets… documentaries which collectively entertain as well as inform on an international scale, all the while aspiring to make an impact – films that are distinctively creative yet maintain a very ubiquitous audience.


These documentaries have been aired on a wide range of tv channels including


  • arte (France/Germany),
  • ZDF, 
  • ARD, 
  • ESPN, 
  • HD Discovery Channel, 
  • ServusTV, 
  • Schweizer Sportfernsehen SSF and others.


Selkirk Pictures' films have been shown in many countries throughout the world, with audiences running into many millions.


Apart from films commissioned by television broadcasters, Selkirk Pictures & Enterprises Ltd. has made sophisticated, corporate-sponsored documentaries in Germany, Italy, in the UK, USA, Switzerland and Argentina. Its production teams have worked on the international race-tracks, in Cuban hospitals, Pakistani slums and Thai temples. However, as the films clearly demonstrate, the geography is secondary to Selkirk Pictures’ passion for narrating a proper story.


With an impressive portfolio of work for globally celebrated companies such as


  • Maserati,
  • Daimler,
  • Volkswagen,
  • Porsche,
  • Chopard,
  • Credit Suisse Group et al...


... the production team of Selkirk Pictures pride themselves in exceeding the clients’ expectations.
 In a crowded international marketplace, whether it's a television ad campaign, a targeted internal message or a public-facing video news release, the company’s ingenuity, flexibility and flare bring a distinctive edge to corporate communications.

 For Selkirk Pictures & Enterprises Ltd. every new project brings welcome challenges and fresh opportunities for innovative solutions.


Moreover, whether produced for television or for a corporate company, the production company's ethos is to deliver high quality productions with a poignant message, depicted earnestly all the while delighting the viewer in its underlying story.


Finally, Selkirk Pictures attracts not only big budgets but is also interested in “realistic” monies to produce films with professional production values, undertaking a compelling subject in order to eventually maximize a potential recoupment of funds.