In 2013, Dolzer Maßkonfektionäre GmbH, Europe’s biggest made-to-measure company, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.


For this, Selkirk Pictures produced a 28-minute film documentary, fashioned in the style of a marketing promotional tool.


The story begins, half a century ago in Franconia/Bavaria, Dolzer was founded and the genre of “made-to-measure” was born. Since then, the brand has developed and improved their bespoke label, most notably under the company’s new management in 1995. It was at this time that the new owner pursued one primary goal: the refinement and expansion of a distinctive brand image.


Determining the self-image of a brand is to understand its history and to carefully construct its future, to ensure its lasting foothold in the marketplace. Brand identity must be fastened as gingerly as a fine-tailored suit, the alternative, is the brand jeopardizes its integrity amongst competitors.


Selkirk Pictures, through the art of moving pictures provides a framework for the vision of the brand, furthering the trust of its clientele. Selkirk Pictures seeks to invoke emotion in its audience – in a “brand-enhancing" way. Their approach is the following: favourable quotes on the brands objectives from the founder, the owner and CEO of today, enthusiastic interviews from the employees and suppliers of Dolzer Maßkonfektionäre for example, Vitale Barberis Canonico, celebrated as one of the largest producers of high quality cloths in Italy.


Francesco Barberis’ family traces its involvement in the textile business back to 1663. For over three centuries, this remarkable family has maintained an unshakeable commitment to the business, instituting strong bonds between the factory, family, the local community and clients, such as the House of Dolzer.


The other supplier, the Albini Group, was founded in 1876. Since then, its commitment and dedication has been to fabricate the most beautiful and finest cloths for shirts in the world. 


Silvio Albini and his team design and produce their products for the international market
 which warrant the highest degree of innovation, quality and savoir-faire, that which ultimately distinguishes their products, “Made in Italy.”


All in all, Selkirk Pictures, feature not only the market leader of made-to-measure products but also the partners that assist in achieving the reputation for the utmost in luxury bespoke, which is, quite simply, the House of Dolzer.